The Sourmash Hug Band

cabaret band that combines virtuosic Eastern European violin with 1920s hot jazz and Yiddish song, the Sour Mash Hug Band evokes an era that never quite existed.  Paris in the 30s, Harlem in the 20s, New Orleans in the 90s, its hard to say.


The Speakeasy 3

Hot Jazz from the

prohibition era and beyond.

Eh La Bas Ensemble 

New Orleans Traditional Jazz, Brazilian choro and more.



Balkanique specializes in Klezmer

and music from the Balkan regions,

while infusing this with jazz manouche

and original songs as well.


Scott Stobbe & Hanna Mignano

Gypsy Jazz and Swing Duo


Project that combines new Orleans and The San Francisco Bay Area playing swing, blues, American folk and folk music from Europe and beyond


Scott Stobbe's own chamber music project that is evolving and revolving all the time. 


Zdrastvootie creates ornate musical soundcastles with of guitars, keyboard, drums, sax and Drew Adam's inimitable vocals. 


(review of Zdrastvootie 2) 

"Zdrastvootie 2 is a perplexing album, it folds the far corners of some of the world's most out-there progressive rock with deep, deliberate singer-songwriter type vocals and lyrics. It is both a collection of confusing, dark and fragmented meditations and defiantly odd music, yet it is far more accessible and playful than one would expect. The recorded debut of Drew Adam's vocals is imposing and grand-- he sings like a crooner. Zdrastvootie 2 is still marked by the group's gifts as songwriters and players as the songs are disjointed and the arrangements abrasive. The material is achingly beautiful, and lovely melodies appear throughout the album. This new album will sound, to most, like no other music on Earth."




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