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Scott is available for private and group lessons in both English and Spanish teaching:

  • Guitar (beginner to advanced students)

  • Composition

  • General Musicianship and Music Theory


Scott has an MA in Music Composition from Stephen Foster University and received his BA in Music Composition from Portland State University. He has been teaching both private and group lessons for over 15 years. Each lesson is customized to fit the students unique needs. Scott has a passion for helping students find their own voices while building a solid foundation of fundamentals. He has taught at the Cadenza Academy in Portland Oregon and he spent 3 years teaching guitar and music theory to inmates at Salinas Valley State Prison and Roundtree Jail through the  William James Association’s Arts in Corrections program. He also teaches private lessons from his home studio and is available to teach at local students homes if that is preferred. (During the Covid-19 pandemic Scott is available for classes online or outside and socially distanced in person) 


For enquiries about lessons and rates please email

Photo by Peter Merts

Instruction Testimonials 

"I am pleased to recommend to you Mr. Scott Stobbe, musician, composer and teacher. I have mentored Scott in prison arts work for four years. In addition, I am familiar with his work in our community as a performer and composer. He is prolific and highly talented in both areas. He strikes me as an excellent example of the modern musician, being well versed in a variety of music styles, highly literate, and both intellectually and artistically curious.

Scott taught guitar at Salinas Valley State Prison for three years through our organization and the Arts in Corrections program of the California Arts Council. Scott brought to his work there a diverse and refined knowledge of music, and a talent for teaching in what could conservatively be called a challenging environment. His students were enthusiastic about his class, and, given the constraints of program in a high security prison, progressed rapidly in both guitar mastery and music literacy."


—  Jack Bowers, Senior Arts Mentor

William James Associated Prison Arts Project

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