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Scott Stobbe has an A.A. degree in music composition from Foothill College in Los Altos California, a B.M. in music composition from Portland State University and a Masters in Music Composition at Stephen F. Austin University. Scott has also attended classes, workshops and/or open discussions with Pauline Oliveros, Lou Harrison, Michael Byron, Blue Jean Tearny, Marin Aslop and Phaoroh Sanders.


Scott is interested in exploration in the full sense. This desire for exploration has led him all across the depths of his mind and all across the continental United States,Alaska,Hawaii,Canada,Mexico,Belize,Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Panama,Colombia,Spain, Portugal,France,Germany,Austria,Switzerland,The Netherlands,England,Italy,The Czech Republic,Hungary, Serbia,Slovenia,Poland,Norway,Sweden,Estonia,Morocco, Singapore,Indonesia and Hong Kong. These travels have made a huge impression on him as a person and as a musician and composer. Fluent in Spanish, Scott has played with Flamenco and Classical guitarists in Spain, Estonian Fiddlers, Gamelan players in Java and Bali, Indian Musicians in Singapore, Bagpipers in Galicia (Spain), Punk and Hardcore bands in California, Latin American Music Ensembles, Classical Guitar Orchestras, Bluegrass bands, Klezmer and Balkan bands, Roots Blues and Dixieland Jazz groups in New Orleans among others.


All of this has influenced his playing and composing style. Contrast plays a big part in his music, believing that consonance and dissonance have a symbiotic relationship as do loud and soft, short and long, repetition and change.

Composers and Musicians that have influenced Scotts’ music are many but a few artist should be mentioned

Guillame de Machaut, Morton Feldman, Charles Ives, Lou Harrison, Harry Partch, Sonny Sharrok, Albert Ayler,John Fahey, Derek Bailey, Balkan and Klezmer musics as well as all artists appearing on Harry Smiths’ Anthology of American Folk Music and all of the many musicians he has collaborated with.


Scott plays guitar and writes music for the groups Zdrastvootie, The Sourmash Hug Band www.sourmashhug.com and The Underscore Orkestra www.theunderscoreorkestra.com . Zdrastvootie has 3 albums out on Holy Mountain Records www.holymountain.com and one album on American Grizzly as well as a self produced record available on Bandcamp at www.zdrastvootie.bandcamp.com/releases


Scotts’ music has been performed by The New Music Works Ensemble in Santa Cruz CA, The Cabrillo College Guitar Orchestra, Thollem Mcdonas www.thollem.com , The Blue Cranes, The Quadraphonnes and the New Music Society of Portland. His music has been featured at The Portland Jazz Festival, The Woven Festival in Tokyo and the Olympia Festival of Experimental Music

Scotts’ music has been recorded by The Blue Cranes, The Quadraphonnes, Michelle Alany, Triems and Thollem Mcdonas (winner of the 2007 National Endowment For the Arts meet the composer grant.) 

Scotts' music can be heard on the soundtracks to the films The Cedars (2014) and No Volveré (2020)


Scott taught guitar and music theory at Salinas Valley State Prison and at Roundtree Jail from 2014-2017. He isavailable for private lessons in guitar, improvisation, theory and composition.

Scott has a firm belief that music is a powerful force that can uplift,heal,educate and bring people together.

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